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Akefa Azu (pronounced ah-keh-fah ah-zu) is a wild and free (Canada-born and raised) solo musician, visual and performing artist, composer, and soulful provocateur. Her genre combines consciousness-stimulating noetic lyrics with an unusual and experimental combo of electronic, soul, folk, pop, rock, reggae, and world for a truly captivating sound.

In 2021 she released her album “Immortal”, her homage to the myriad form of love. In 2022 she gave birth to her firstborn child after many years of trying to carry to term. She is trad-wife-ing while she crafts and weaves her magic music. Loving up her fam and farm.

As the founder of the Plantivist Stewards Movement, her philosophy of harmony with self, others, and nature is the foundation of her life's mission and vision, steeping her lyrics with deep and meaningful content.

Music is in her blood and soul, heralding from an intensely creative and musical family on both sides she lives, breathes, and sees in sound.

Her inspiration is born from nocturnal dreams and otherworldly states. Her spiritual and political views abound as does her love and reverence for planet Earth.

Her history includes being a background vocalist for the "Hoffman Lenses" (a gypsy psychedelic rock-reggae band), from 2011-2013, she was featured as the lead vocalist for the song (and music video) "Mystery".

Her background as a recording session artist for many Vancouver bands/acts allowed her to work in many genres. She is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing for over 25 years.

Instrumentally, her passions include but are not limited to the guitar and djembe (her first loves), and synth/keyboard augmented with a loop station.

Originally a solo folk artist, she has expanded the genre finding her voice in a more modern and cultured sound. The storytelling of the folk genre remains, while the mystagogic incantations and scenery plant visionary seeds to grow in the imagination, allowing for an escape from the mundane and profane, into the sacred and hallowed ground of the enchanted soul. 

Her music appeals to the mind-traveler, iconoclast, mystic, romantic, and those who like deep secret places in the soul. Songs with exquisitely insightful stories and provocative prose will take you on a journey down into Akefa's spiritual rabbit hole.

Her hauntingly sweet and heart-opening sound just might make you cry for joy, rage, or our shared humanity.  She puts the medicine in the music. 

Genres: Conscious Electro Soul + Folk Pop. 



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Siren of Vision Quests~Sybil of Songs”

Akefa Azu: Mystic Folk Extraordinaire

Akefa Azu In Hoffman Lenses

Original art by Tyler Young "A Kings Demise" Modified By Akefa Azu