Christina Knight

Photo by Christina Knight

This amazing amazon, who hails from both sides of the border, is not only a master knitter, amazing artist, and photographer but also a dedicated wife and mother of three spectacular children. Currently, in the Slocan, she co-ordinates the Slocan's Saturday Artisan and Farmers Market, where she sells her paintings and photography as cards, and stickers. Founder of "Freedom Creations", she also sells her knit hats (which you will often see Akefa wearing), knit gloves, and hand-made jewelry. She is one of Akefa's best friends and greatest loves. 

Christina is the main photographer for Akefa. Her captivating and intuitive style is high caliber considering her main subjects are wild animals and natural scenery. But of course, Akefa is a wild animal so only a nature photographer can capture her in her natural habitat.

In her spare time, Christina can be found spinning wool, walking her two dogs, singing, and laughing wholeheartedly with her friend Akefa. You might find her at the beach, playing volleyball, or hugging a friend in need. 


Freedom Creations By Christina Knight