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WeMoon 2021 is Finally Here!!! 

WeMoon 2021 Is Finally Here and I am happy to declare that my works are located on page 33 (an excerpt from the song "Mamma Gaia") and page 137 ( the painting "The Last Stand of Free Tribes of Earth")!!! I will be selling them locally at "I'm Addicted to Crafts" in the Village of Slocan. This is a huge victory so thanks again to all the ladies at WeMoon! 

I will also be selling prints of my painting there so if you're keen come on down! This is my favorite calender ever, i use it for dream journalingā€¦

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Announcement: Akefa Azu will be Featured in the 2021 WeMoon Calender! 

Hey, My People!!!

So I just got the news that "WeMoon" will be featuring my art "The Last Stand Of The Free Tribe Of Earth" and an excerpt from the song "Mama Gaia" in their 2021 Calendar!!!

It is an absolute dream come true for me, and I can't wait to see what they are going to do with it!!! I'm going to be putting up a link right here on my website so that you can order your own once they are released for sale!!! Let me know in the comments below if this excited you and if its something that you areā€¦

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